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Partenaire - Pub
Albums / LiveMetallica Tour 2013
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Artistes : Metallica

Année de production : inconnue
Durée : inconnue

Genres : Metal
2013.02.23 - Brisbane, AUS
1. Hit The Lights
2. Master Of Puppet
3. The Shortest Straw
4. Harvester Of Sorrow
5. Kirk Solo #1
6. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
7. Fuel
8. Cyanide
9. Sad But True
10. Bass Solo
11. Fade to Black
12. And Justice for All
13. One
14. For Whom The Bell Tolls
15. Blackened
16. Kirk Solo #2
17. Nothing Else Matters
18. Enter Sandman
19. Creeping Death
20. Battery
21. Seek and Destroy

2013.02.24 - Sydney, AUS
1.Hit the Lights
2.Master of Puppets
3.Holier Than Thou
4.Harvester of Sorrow
5.Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
6.Ride the Lightning
7.Broken, Beat & Scarred
8.Sad But True
9.Fade to Black
12.For Whom the Bell Tolls
14.Nothing Else Matters
15.Enter Sandman
16.Creeping Death
17.Fight Fire with Fire
18.Seek & Destroy

2013.03.01 - Melbourne, AUS
1.Hit The Lights
2.Master Of Puppets
3.The Four Horsemen
4.Harvester Of Sorrow
5.Kirk Solo #1
6.Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
7.Leper Messiah
8.My Friend Of Misery
9.Sad But True
10.Bass Solo
11.Fade to Black
12.All Nightmare Long
14.For Whom The Bell Tolls
16.Kirk Solo #2
17.Nothing Else Matters
18.Enter Sandman
19.Creeping Death
20.Damage, Inc.
21.Seek and Destroy
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