Partenaire - Pub
Partenaire - Pub
Albums / (Mostly) Acoustic
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Artistes : Pearl Jam

Année de production : inconnue
Durée : inconnue

Genres : Années 90, Electro, Rock
Disc 1:

Walking The Cow (BSB 10-1-94 Audience Recording)
Long Road (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Wash (BSB 10-2-94 Audience Recording)
Around The Bend (BSB 10-22-06 Audience Recording)
Footsteps (BSB 10-31-99 Nothing As It Seems Import Single)
Of The Girl (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Low Light (Bennaroya Hall)
Can't Keep (Bennaroya Hall)
Black (MTV Unplugged)
Betterman (BSB 10-31-99 Nothing As It Seems Import Single)
All Or None (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Nothing As It Seems (10-31-99 iTunes Bridge School Collection)
Immortality (BSB 10-2-94 Audience Recording)
Parachutes (BSB 10-21-06 Audience Recording)
Masters Of War (1992 Bob Dylan Tribute)
Oceans (MTV Unplugged)
Daughter (BSB 10-1-94 Audience Recording)
Corduroy (BSB 96 iTunes Bridge School Collection)

Disc 2:

Bee Girl (Rockline 1993 from Lost Dogs Demos...unmastered)
Let Me Sleep (PJ20 Soundtrack)
Angel (BSB 11-1-92 Audience Recording)
Nothingman (10-19-96 Bridge School Concerts Volume 1 CD)
Off He Goes (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Fatal (Bennaroya Hall)
All Those Yesterdays (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Drifting (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Last Soldier (BSB 01 - 2001 Christmas Single Vinyl Rip)
Thin Air (BSB 10-30-99 Soundboard Web Stream Rip)
Man Of The Hour (BSB 10-21-06 Audience Recording)
Sleight Of Hand (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Throw Your Hatred Down w/Neil Young (BSB 10-21-06 Audience Recording)
Picture In A Frame (BSB 10-21-06 Audience Recording)
Parting Ways (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Walk With Me (PJ20 Soundtrack)
Indifference (7-11-03 Official Bootleg)
Yellow Ledbetter (TFC 6-8-97)
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